Who are We?

Our Mission

We at WORQ  are on a mission to make working spaces more affordable, transparent, and beneficially collaborative. We are dedicated to creating a pleasant, functional, safe, inspirational, and creative WORQ environment for  all  members and their visitors.

WORQ intends to bring value to your business by bringing together an ideal mix of professionals, consultants, service and product providers from similar or complimenting industries.

What is Worq?

Culture Driven Community

Worq is not just another co-working model. Worq is a culture driven community, visualised as an ecosystem. We stimulate innovation and creativity and empower entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to create contributors to the South African economy so that this great country may one day compete with first-world economies.

How does Worq work?

Facilitating Collaboration

Symbiotic relationships are forged through social interactions that facilitate collaboration.

These relationships, such as mutually beneficial contracts, agreements, partnerships & friendships can all be forged when crossing paths on a normal day at Worq. Facilitating collaboration, worqing together to go further.

Why ecosystems? Why communities?

Contributing to the Economy

An ecosystem is a community made up of living organisms and non-living components such as air, water, minerals and soil. Ecosystems can be studied in two ways; they can be thought of as interdependent collections of plants and animals, OR as structured systems of communities governed by general rules.

We believe that if we use the metaphor of ecosystems to envision our economies, we can more easily identify the main contributors to inefficiencies. Likewise, we believe that if we solve inefficiencies in the economies both micro and macro, we can compete with first world economies. Did you know that of the 57.5 million South Africans only 4.8 million are assessed taxpayers? And did you know that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) make up 91% of formalized business, provide 60% employment to the total labour force and contribute 34% to the GDP?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if we create more entrepreneurs we create more SME’s, and if we create more SME’s we provide more employment, and if we provide more employment we stabilise our economy, and if we stabilise our economy we raise our world status. We know that South Africans have the vital ingredients required to compete; intuition, creativity, “vasbyt” and initiative. We believe we can accelerate this process like nature does when all members share our core values, our core beliefs and begin to contribute to the ecosystem/community in which they live.

Worq intends to leverage the remainder of our ongoing studies and test our notions by implementing on our small community first, then our towns, then our cities, then our country and perhaps one day, the world too…come Worq with us. Lets #worqtogether