Level 1
P1 Client Manager
P2 Agrikool (Pty) Ltd
P3 Outforce (Pty) Ltd
P4 Jive Media Africa
P5 Oracle Energy
P6 Randsure Brokers
P7 Available 1st June 2022
E1 GNA Wealth Management
E2 Old Mutual - Robyn Boshoff
E3 Space Available (16-Seater)
L1 Occupied
M1 Meeting Room 1
Ground Floor
L2 Matthew Fenner and Associates
L3 Space available
L4 Biz Acumen Consulting
M2 Space Available (2/3-Seater)
Co-working section
Desqs  Space available
Market Building
POD 1 The Worq Shoppe extension
POD 2 The Planet of the Vapes
POD 3 D-Pop Hair Design
POD 4 Karey Smith Professional Hair Stylist
POD 5 Space Available (Retail/Office) 
POD 6 Night Owl Tattoo Studio
POD 7 S&M Beauty and Nail Bar
POD 8 Biztraders Toys and Hobbies
POD 9 - 11 The Worq Shoppe
R2 Space available (249m²)
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