Is WIFI included?

Yes, there is a 100mbps fibre line that members have access to.


What is an additional user?

An additional user is an extra team member that is over and above your standard office allowance. E.g.: A Lite Suite is a standard 2 person office, however, you can seat 3 people. The third person will be the additional user which is chargeable.


What cleaning facilities do you offer?

There is a daily bin cleaning for all offices (Monday – Friday), and all of the bathrooms are cleaned daily (Monday – Friday). Your membership does not include any cleaning services within your own space.


Is there a reception desk to receive packages?

Yes, Worq shares a reception desk with Hall’s Retail and all packages delivered come through to reception or directly to the Client Manager in the Worq Building.


Are non-Worq Members allowed to book the meeting room facilities?

Of course! Should any meeting rooms be available, you are welcome to book them for meetings or workshops and will be billed directly. All bookings or enquiries are attended by the Client Manager who you can contact at or 033 001 0420.


Is parking included?

Parking in the Worq and Hall’s parking lot for a Worq member is an additional charge. There is municipal parking available on a first-come-first-serce basis, or free parking is available nearby at the Maritzburg West Bowling Club. Your clients, however, are welcome to see you and are able to park for the duration of their visit free of charge.


Am I allowed to work past 5pm?

You are! The great thing about the Worq building is that all Worq Members have 24 hour access to their Desq’s and Suites through our app.

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