If you’ve driven down Victoria Road then you’ve likely noticed the brightly coloured building next to Hall’s Retail, otherwise known as the Worq Building. Some of you may have even taken a photo outside in the parking lot with the bright graffiti backdrop, attended one of our night markets, joined us for a creative Saturday, or visited one of our members for a product or service. The point is, there is always something on the go at Worq, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do business and bring life to our little town!

One of the ways we’ve been able to help local businesses grow their brand is by introducing The Worq Shoppe to our appealing list of offerings!

So, what is The Worq Shoppe and how does it Worq?

Local, small, businesses are given the opportunity to bring their products to our Shoppe to be advertised, showcased, promoted, and managed by our dedicated Shoppe Manager, Sharon. Not only do our vendor's products get a space within our prime located Shoppe, but we also now offer an online platform to our vendors where a select number of their products are uploaded onto our website for online sales. Vendors can provide us with professionally taken photos of their products for the website or take advantage of our in-house photography packages. Sales made throughout the month are tallied up at month-end and paid over to our vendors.

Once monthly our vendor’s products are advertised on our social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram, to our substantial following of around 9000 fans. Where possible, if our vendors have their own social media pages, our vendor’s pages are tagged into these posts, and products are linked back to our online site for sales. For special occasions such as Mother’s & Father’s Day, Valentines, etc., promotional gift combos are created from various vendors.

Now and then our Worq Shoppe will take to the road for a local market! Our dedicated Shoppe manager along with our friendly client manager, Deron, handpick vendor’s best sellers to attend these markets. At no additional cost, your products are advertised and sold at local markets on behalf of your business, under the Worq platform.

Stock is managed by Sharon weekly to ensure that you are kept abreast of your stock levels in our Shoppe and know when to replenish these items. Stock not moving can be replaced with other products of yours and seasonal items for special occasions, such as Christmas, can be brought in for a specific period if you wish to do so. Should an inquiry be made regarding orders on your items, our dedicated Shoppe manager will keep you informed of these, liaise between yourself and the customer to ensure that their orders are fulfilled, and you are made aware of the product demand and specifications of such order.

What is the cost to become a vendor at The Worq Shoppe?

For only R250 ex VAT per month (opening special price), you can become a fully fledge vendor at our Worq Shoppe including all of the additional marketing efforts and stock level management.

As mentioned above, our in-house photographers offer a photography package of 10 professionally photographed product images for a once-off fee of R400 ex VAT. Make use of this great deal or bring along your own professionally taken product images for our online site.

How do I join The Worq Shoppe?

Follow the link here to apply now! Our friendly client manager, Deron, will be in touch to finalize your application!

Follow the link below to see all our current vendor's online products:


We can’t wait to see all your products in-store soon!

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There’s no need to be a Worq member to benefit from the perks of our meeting facilities! Our meeting rooms are open to the public for training, conferences, meetings, team building, and workshops. Our meeting areas are easily adaptable, to provide focus and productivity for formal gatherings with clients as well as a fun space for team building and interactive training sessions.
The communal space at Worq has been a delight to work in. A quiet, spacious, and creative environment which easily facilitates my daily operations. In addition, being within walking distance of great coffee (Hall’s Retail Coffee Bar) is such a delight

Tian Pretorius, Innovate X

Our company moved into the Worq building in June 2020. Up until now the fascination of our clients and visitors is always expressed at the décor of the building and the refreshing difference that it has to a ‘normal’ office working space. It is such a pleasure to be around such great minds and creative individuals. Deron and Eric are also the friendliest people around and are always willing to help in any way that they can. Being a part of the Worq community is great

Lesleigh, Randsure Brokers

The Worq community welcomed me with open arms, everyone is always very friendly and willing to assist me wherever they can. Within a month my client base had doubled, we are now in the beginning of March and are still growing at a rapid speed. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and I trust that we are going to walk a long and happy road together

Christa, Starling Decor

With The Worq Shoppe going digital soon all I can say is that now not even the sky is the limit for the potential of how far and wide our products can reach. The Worq Shoppe is an extension of my colourful nature, my love for crafts, and my ethos of good vibes. With the guidance and never-ending support from my daughter, Deron, and the Worq team I can’t help but love every day I walk into The Worq Shoppe to get rocking!

Sharon Howard, The Worq Shoppe

The space is amazing, it’s easily manageable, I can come and go as I want, and manage my business on my own terms. I would recommend that small businesses looking for a space to rent, comes to take a tour of the Worq building

Wesley, Night Owl Tattoo Studio

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