Bigger corporations and organisations will have to start looking at long-term solutions for housing their larger staff composites. With Covid regulations and the need to keep your staff members safe and healthy, smaller working groups and less staff in one office unit are required. Some corporations have started using coworking office spaces to allow staff to work from remote locations. Working from home during lockdown proved to many business owners and management that staff working offsite was a possibility, now as the panic continues more stable long-term solutions for working facilities are a must. And we believe that coworking communities are the way to go to allow for the decentralization of companies and employee safety. 

What is co-working? 

A flexible office space shared with other businesses and entrepreneurs with the same aim in mind, to run their businesses remotely without big overheads and fixed-term rental contracts. This allows for a community culture to be formed among said businesses, sharing communal breakrooms, meeting spaces, and work environments. In essence, a shared space for more than one company to operate the day-to-day running of their business, by making use of shared facilities such as printing, internet, client manager services, and more. 

How does it work at Worq? 

Members can choose from Desqs, Suites, Pods, and Retail space available in lite, premium, executive, and mega options, with the flexibility of a month-to-month rental. Depending on the chosen workspace, members are provided with a laundry list of appealing amenities including desks and chairs, access to Wi-Fi, printing/telephone/generator facilities, IT services, website & social media coverage, 24hour access to the building, and a dedicated client manager. 

What type of business would work well within a coworking space? 

A business rarely finds coworking inadequate in fulfilling its office-based requirements. Other than a food franchise requiring space to run cooking appliances or a manufacturing company making bulk production of a product, most companies will find a need in a coworking space. From social media agencies, brokers, tattoo artists, to accountants, all these forms of businesses fit well into a coworking environment. Sometimes companies utilize the coworking space for a select few departments within their business that can perform well in an office environment, an example of this would be a construction company that decides to house just their marketing, administrative, and accounts teams inside a coworking space while the rest of the team work remotely on projects or directly with clients at their establishments.     

How does it benefit me and my business? 

By lowering overheads, coworking is an ideal option to lessen your month-to-month business expenses knowing that all your major amenities are covered, and you are not bound by a long-term fixed rental contract. Businesses have started to look for low-risk options for office space, with minimal upfront costs and the flexibility to allow the business to grow and expand when necessary. 

The community element of the coworking environment allows you to mingle with fellow members, offer your services and/or products to them and their clients and refer business between your enterprises. 

The 24-hour access to the building allows you the flexibility to work whenever you wish, trade after-hours, and service your clients over weekends, meaning your business can continue running day and night no matter the day or time. Whilst our smarter spaces give you control over when you book your meetings in our boardroom, meeting room, and creative lab – our app gives you the freedom to book, cancel, and reschedule your meeting times whenever you want. 

Types of coworking spaces available at WORQ: 

DESQ SPACE: This option gives you the flexibility to sit anywhere in the co-working area either daily or on a month-to-month basis. Ideal for your PA, or solopreneurs. Click here to view these spaces. 

SUITE SPACE: Ranging from Lite suites (2 people) to Executive XXL suites (16 people) depending on the size of the office. You and your team will be supplied with a desk and a chair per person. Please note that additional members will be charged accordingly. Click here to view these spaces. 

POD SPACE: Both for Retail and office spaces. They are situated in the prime location of Victoria Road in the Worq Market Building. Should you require it to be an office space you will receive a desk and a chair. Click here to view these spaces. 

RETAIL SPACE: Prime Location for retail space. Boasts a mezzanine floor above as a second floor for maximum space options. You and your team will be supplied with a desk and a chair per person. This space seats a standard 20 people. Meeting room usage: 20 hours per month complimentary. Click here to view these spaces. 

MEETING SPACE: All meeting Facilities include: 

  • Display Screen. 
  • Bathroom facilities. 
  • Wifi 
  • Hall’s Coffee delivery. 
  • Aircon 
  • Table and chairs. 
  • HDMI Cable – to be booked in advance. 
  • Snack platter catering options are available for all meeting room spaces (upon request at least 24hours in advance) 
  • Power outlets. 

Click here to view these spaces.

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