Finding the right retail space that speaks for your brand and doesn’t break the bank can be challenging. Not to mention reading the fine print to avoid costly hidden fees.

At Worq, we understand that entrepreneurial dreams shouldn’t be dampened by big price tags.

Our Worq Pods offer the ideal solution for young entrepreneurs wanting to spread their wings and build a wholesome business, without the stress of overhead expenses that can really burn a hole into your budget.

Which means you get to do what you do best – build your business and tell your story – and let us handle the nitty gritty of managing your retail space for you.

So how can we get you up and ready to take on the world?

Small and Smart are smaller retails spaces designed to give you ample space to showcase your brand and your awesome products. What’s even better is our Pods include high-speed internet connectivity, telephone facilities, and even a Client Manager to name just a few perks!


Our Worq Pods are conveniently located on busy commercial Victoria Road, giving your brand instant exposure to foot traffic; not to mention putting your space on the map in one of PMB’s trendiest retails spaces.

Super Perks

At Worq, we often host a wide range of events that allow you to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and do more for our community at the same time. From charity events to Zumba® lessons, we make sure that worq-ing here is exciting and fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a Worq Pod and let’s propel your business to success.

For any assistance and queries on how we ‘Worq’, feel free to contact us on admin@worq or call us on 033 001 0420.

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Worq Smarter Not Harder With Our Professional Meeting Rooms!

There’s no need to be a Worq member to benefit from the perks of our meeting facilities! Our meeting rooms are open to the public for training, conferences, meetings, team building, and workshops. Our meeting areas are easily adaptable, to provide focus and productivity for formal gatherings with clients as well as a fun space for team building and interactive training sessions.
The communal space at Worq has been a delight to work in. A quiet, spacious, and creative environment which easily facilitates my daily operations. In addition, being within walking distance of great coffee (Hall’s Retail Coffee Bar) is such a delight

Tian Pretorius, Innovate X

Our company moved into the Worq building in June 2020. Up until now the fascination of our clients and visitors is always expressed at the décor of the building and the refreshing difference that it has to a ‘normal’ office working space. It is such a pleasure to be around such great minds and creative individuals. Deron and Eric are also the friendliest people around and are always willing to help in any way that they can. Being a part of the Worq community is great

Lesleigh, Randsure Brokers

The Worq community welcomed me with open arms, everyone is always very friendly and willing to assist me wherever they can. Within a month my client base had doubled, we are now in the beginning of March and are still growing at a rapid speed. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and I trust that we are going to walk a long and happy road together

Christa, Starling Decor

With The Worq Shoppe going digital soon all I can say is that now not even the sky is the limit for the potential of how far and wide our products can reach. The Worq Shoppe is an extension of my colourful nature, my love for crafts, and my ethos of good vibes. With the guidance and never-ending support from my daughter, Deron, and the Worq team I can’t help but love every day I walk into The Worq Shoppe to get rocking!

Sharon Howard, The Worq Shoppe

The space is amazing, it’s easily manageable, I can come and go as I want, and manage my business on my own terms. I would recommend that small businesses looking for a space to rent, comes to take a tour of the Worq building

Wesley, Night Owl Tattoo Studio

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