Building dreams not bills

Finding the right retail space that speaks for your brand and doesn’t break the bank can be challenging. Not to mention reading the fine print to avoid costly hidden fees. At Worq, we understand that entrepreneurial dreams shouldn’t be dampened by big price tags. Our Worq Pods offer the ideal solution for young entrepreneurs wanting … Continued

One of the perks of being part of the Worq community is that you don’t have to deal with dreaded landlords or managing agents; instead all your queries and needs are taken care of by a dedicated Client Manager whose job it is to make you happy! Worq Client Manager Deron Howard, with her background … Continued

Your entrepreneurial journey can be filled with challenges that slow down your progress or even prevent you from realising your dreams of owning your own business. Office expenses are often a large cost when starting out, with most entrepreneurs also not having budget for comprehensive marketing campaigns either. What if you could pool all your … Continued

This Women’s Day, as a salute to all women, in both our business and personal lives, we are hosting a National Women’s Day Charity Event between 8:15 and 11:15am in the Worq Market Building. The morning is a celebration of femininity and plans to bring together the city’s entrepreneurs, experts and locals. All proceeds from … Continued

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Our culture has defined success in line with being humble. From the age we learn to compete, we are simultaneously taught that celebrating one’s own victories too loudly takes away from our success and makes us less popular – ‘nobody likes a show-off’.   What we take away from this notion as adults is that … Continued

Be True To You(r brand)

 John Grant – “Authenticity is the benchmark against which all brands are judged.”    What more and more people are seeking from the brands they choose to do any kind of business with, is the somewhat foggy ideal of ‘authenticity’. What does it even mean to be authentic? The post-modern way of thinking has totally … Continued

Nifty Networking Whether you’re in the business of finance, the arts, or anything in between, it is more than likely that networking is a vital part of your job. Seeking out new clients or team members that exactly fit the mark, building reciprocal relationships in the business world; good networking is the not-so-secret secret to … Continued

What is a positive work environment? There are many factors involved in creating an environment in which each team-member is feeling satisfied, positive and productive – and it goes far beyond free coffee, raises and holiday benefits. Everything that forms part of employees’ experience throughout their day at work constitutes the work environment; from work … Continued

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