4 reasons why co-worqing WORQS

Nifty Networking

Whether you’re in the business of finance, the arts, or anything in between, it is more than likely that networking is a vital part of your job. Seeking out new clients or team members that exactly fit the mark, building reciprocal relationships in the business world; good networking is the not-so-secret secret to growing a successful business and career. In an environment such as WORQ, you have the advantage of easy networking amongst fellow members of the co-working community on a day-to-day basis. Even better, you can opportunely tap into their networks and spread the love even further.

Fluid Flexibility

With no leases and no contracts, comes more control and more adaptability – two details that can make all the difference in building and sustaining a successful start-up. Most co-working spaces, like WORQ, offer varying memberships to cater for growing start-ups as they increase the headcount of their team. The absence of stress that comes with committing to a two-year lease (not to mention finding the funds for amenities such as electricity, WiFi, and printing) means you can put all your focus on what matters: your work.

Beneficial Balance

A healthy work-life balance is indispensable if you’re looking for happiness and success in both areas. Freelancers and start-ups who choose the co-working route, as opposed to working from home, find that their productivity skyrockets – and hence, their business, too. For companies moving from traditional office spaces into co-working models, levels of creativity increase, whilst a dread for work decreases.

Leading Locations

By their very nature, co-working spaces are hubs for business, creativity and trends. Arriving every day to a workplace that motivates and stimulates you to do better and keep current is the way to go in this day and age of digital nomads. Additionally, your clients will be more drawn to a space that is hip and happening, and they certainly won’t have a hard time finding you!