Creating a Positive Worq Environment

What is a positive work environment?

There are many factors involved in creating an environment in which each team-member is feeling satisfied, positive and productive – and it goes far beyond free coffee, raises and holiday benefits. Everything that forms part of employees’ experience throughout their day at work constitutes the work environment; from work relationships, to organizational methods, to feeling like a valuable contributor to the team.

Here are three things to consider in creating a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT

Demonstrate healthy work-life balance:

In the age of technology and social media, the lines between work and life can too easily become blurred. We’re always connected, constantly accessible and tapped into our world of work even after 5 p.m. Try and make a real commitment to time spent away from work, so that the time you do spend at work: 1. Doesn’t feel like as much of heavy boatload, and 2. Is distinguishable from your free time.

Use transparent communication:

This is an ingredient that should be added to the recipe of any healthy environment, be it home, school or work.  Open communication builds trust and integrity within the team, and the lack thereof comes at great detriment to everybody involved. If you want to save time, expenses, and hard feelings, speak openly and honestly with the people you share your environment with.

Establish core values:

Core values underpin the vision, form the culture, and reflect what a company values. By establishing clear company values, it becomes easier for team-members to translate them into actions, and ensures that everybody is on the same page with regards to the direction you’re taking your business in.